Enable view profile based on user profile switch

On user profile I added a switch objetive which means that other user could view the profile of this user.
on another tab this user can add many records. if someone click to detail, could view his profile if the switch is on, but if it´s not, another user couldn´t view the profile or who added that records.

Got it? I’m trying to study relations. Is that way? Thx in advance

I assume you’re linking to the creator’s profile using a relation/inline list in the “records” page.

What you can do is make a relation of the creator’s email back to the user’s profile sheet, make it a single match, bring over the boolean value of the “switch”.

If it’s true, you show an inline list with a “view details” action.

If it’s not true, you show an inline list with a “none” action.

That way, people can still now who add the record, but the profile visibility is still respected.

Thx so much my friend! I’m trying to do it, but for some reason it´s not working.
I’m still investigating what´s going on…hahaha


I’m not understading because everything is fine, but when I select “Nome Completo” (Complete Name) is showing the user logged and not the owner of row (“DonoDoBoleto”)

Can you explain what you’re trying to get back from the screenshot above? Thank you.

yeap. the screen shows that I’m using Relation Column. I expected “DonoDoBoleto” the owner of record should be the same when I use Email checked. But It not working. The emails is showing the user logged.

recap: When I used Relation component on the detail screen it´s working. But I 'd like to show or not if this user has switch on. But it´s not working.

I guess I’m not right, because this User menu is not related to “Relation Column” right?

So in the relation/inline list you want to show the switch value?

Man! I guess I got it! I created another column LOOKUP taking that field ENABLED PROFILE! (PERFIL_VISIVEL) image|423x153
now I set visibility like this!