Relation Column Not Showing as an Option


I am trying to pull in a relation column to use in a switch component. Are there reasons why the relation or lookup column doesn’t appear as an option? Also no option to pull data from another sheet.


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Do you want to pull the relation over to use in a conditional visibility?

Actually, it’s data from a boolean column in the user profile sheet. I want this switch component to be tied to that. The business checks it on or off.

So you want to switch a user profiles sheet value on or off, while viewing the app from another sheet?

The boolean column is if they want to be hidden from the list of businesses to contact, accessible only by other businesses. True= hide, false=be seen.

Ok just to be clear here, you can’t switch a checkbox on a lookup column. There must be a boolean column in the Sheet you’re viewing to store the checkbox value.

You can store the checkbox value in the sheet you’re viewing, then bring that back to the user profiles sheet.

OK I see that,Thanks! So, I can’t select another sheet as well? If I could choose the boolean column on the user profile sheet that would work. At the bottom of the data selection drop down for components I sometimes see an option to pull data directly from another sheet.

I think your best bet is to create a relation from your current Sheet back to the user profiles sheet, then use a button bar with a set column action to directly interact with the boolean column.


Will take a look. Thank you!

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Am I linking this button bar to the relation column in the ‘current sheet’?

I was also looking at the choice component. Is that automatically user-specified?

I find they are both hard to tell which choice you are actually selecting.

You should use a set column on the relation linking back to the user profiles sheet and set the true/false value using that.

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Ok, so I set the title for one button to YES and the other NO, then have set column actions for both? This is what I have:

Yeah, but you would want to set them to true or false.

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Ahh, I see it has to be exactly what’s written to the column. I think that’s kind of weird for display text. Do you know if there is a way to have display text that’s different from what’s actually written to the column?

You can name the button whatever you want, the value is configured independently in the action part, you can write the true/false value there using a custom value option.

Ahh, so like this for both sides of the button:

As you can tell , it’s my first time doing set columns :grimacing:

Let’s say you want the left button to set to Hide, then the left action will write true. The right action to set to Show, then the right action will write false.

Yes that sounds right. The Left button is set to ‘Yes’ and the Right Button to ‘No’.
The question is: ‘Hide From Chat’

Ohh, Ithink I see what you mean…have this set up for Yes:

and swap out true for false for the No button?

Yes that’s right.