Was switch visibility being worked on today?

My app’s URL: https://vvpgi.glideapp.io/

I did a series of components based on whether switch is true or false, however the drop down menu didn’t give me an option to choose “is” or “is not”. The best option was for me to put “includes” TRUE. It worked earlier. Now the drop down menu is changed to reflect the correct option, and doesn’t have “includes” anywhere In the condition options.
All of my components showed, whether or not the switch was on or off.
Was this being actively worked on today?
I took a video. I figured out the issue, but caused me to have to go back and correct 20 components.

Probably this was what happened.

When you first made the component, there was no thing in your column, hence Glide reads it as a text column, so no is or is not, the options you saw was for a text column.

When you actually send a row to the Sheet, you have a boolean value in there so now it becomes a boolean.

Thanks :blush:, I can see that happening, but why did it perform perfectly earlier, and why isn’t “includes” an option now?
I didn’t have to change the components at all, only that first visibility condition.
It happened for 2 different sets of data. I have a 3rd set of data still with “includes” in the option, and that function works perfectly… at least right now.

As I understand, the set of visibility conditions allowed to be choose from are different based on the type of column you’re working with.

As you had it as a text column earlier, “includes” was an option. Now it’s a boolean, you can only choose “is” or “is not”.

To prevent that from happening, make a column from the Editor so it syncs to your sheet, in this case a boolean column so Glide honors that settings.

Ahhhhh, okay. I get it. Have to utilize my Editor more. Appreciate it! :+1:t4:

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