Visibility glitching

Hello all,

I am new to all this but it seems like there is a bug in the visibility conditions. I am trying to make a packing checklist where you can add lists for different people in your family. I have buttons at the top asking who they want to make a list for. For example, if you choose a Baby, a stroller or bottles would show but when you select Female it would not show up. Or say Bra won’t show on a Man’s packing list etc. I have it set up as a glide table with every item listed as a column. When they hit the button for Male packing list, it makes the option for Bra “true” when adding the new row. Then I set the visibility of the bra to only show if empty.

The problem I have is that it still shows up and when I go to click the checkbox on it, it disappears. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

Boolean columns can be in one of three states. True, False, or Empty. Never check for False or Empty if you expect either of them to be one in the same…meaning False. Only check for True or Not True when setting up your conditions.


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