Bug in visibility on form

Hello. There is definitely a bug in visibility condition module. See attached screenshot.

And/or in visibility?! That’s new (and maybe not working 100% yet).

I think the problem is when you attempt the set a visibility condition (in edit mode) against a value that is not editable on the screen. I don’t think it’s an issue with the multiple conditions (at least I haven’t seen an issue yet).

I did a little experiment where I set a visibility condition on a checkbox based on another value that is filled in the sheet, but not displayed on the edit screen. I set the condition to display the checkbox if the other value is not empty. Like you have observed, the condition seemed to react opposite of how I expected to. However, the condition started to work when I added an entry field for the value I was comparing against.

I guess I would consider this a bug but as a workaround you could add an entry field for your ‘Type of Moment’, but set a condition on it that would cause it to never show on the screen. This will allow your other conditions to work while nobody will be able to change the ‘Type of Moment’. I assume that Glide isn’t pulling in values that don’t need to be updated and that is what’s causing the problem. You conditions are comparing against a blank value.

My guess is that this is the same issue you are having in your other thread: Possible bug in visibility condition, but the problem there is that you are using a lookup column and cannot make the field editable for the workaround to work.

You are rightly have “Expert” level :slight_smile:
Worked perfectly in both my situations.
So I added “Text entry” for the field I wanted to build condition on.
Then set a condition so the field would never appear.
After this, condition used in visibility worked as expected.

Thanks a bunch.

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Hi @Jeff_Hager,
I have the same problem with my glide form where I have components set to be invisible if the number in a column (in the first data row) is greater then 0. I tried putting that that column in the form as a text label, text input and number input but the visibility function is still not reading it. I believe it is the same problem because the only time the component shows visible is if I set it to when the data field is empty. However, I even tried filling in every cell in the data column thinking it might be looking at a different row, but it still didn’t ready it.
Here is the visibility condition
Here is the data column
The image component should be visible but it is not.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I think this will work if you create a column in your form response sheet that will capture the balance from the detail record where you have the form button. You can pass this value into the form using the Column Values. That will write it to the form response sheet, but also make the value accessible for your visibility condition without actually showing it on the screen.

That did it! Works perfectly now. You’re good @Jeff_Hager!
Thank you for your quick response and help!!

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