Visibility Conditions in Forms stopped working

Hello. Sorry for the long explanation. This started happening today but I have not made any changes to either my app or my spreadsheet. All of a sudden all my visibility conditions on my forms have stopped working.

I have been using forms to send applicant information to my spreadsheet. I have the forms set up in ‘pages’ so some requested information will be hidden until a checkbox is checked. The completed part then will be hidden and replaced with the next ‘page’ or set of components asking for information.

The checkboxes are labeled Save and continue 0 through 4 so my first visibility condition is:

  • If Save and continue 0 is empty, show component/s.

Then the next batch of components would have: If Save and continue 0 is TRUE then show component/s AND If Save and continue 1 is empty, show component/s.

So when Save and continue 1 is eventually checked it will be hidden.

But my problem now is none of the components are showing even on the first page.

How I understood this worked was before hitting SUBMIT on the form, glide already assumes which row the information will go to which in case of visibility conditions, would be an empty row every time. But I might be wrong.

I have checked my spreadsheet history as well and there were no changes from yesterday when I last used the app. This has always worked for me and it has been very reliable, just not sure what I did or what happened this time.

Hi there. Sorry if I wasn’t able to explain this better. I’ve included a video here:

On this example, the text entry component still do not show even if the condition is met. Also, all other components do not show up even when the condition ‘Save and continue 0 is empty’ is met. This used to work fine before but I’m not sure what happened. I know the visibility conditions I’ve set are bound to the components within the form itself so that might be causing the issue but it used to show up just fine before and I even have a pretty long form.

Thank you in advance to anyone can help me on this. I just wanted to follow up on this as my team of recruiters use our app daily to onboard applicants. Are visibility conditions not supported on forms any more?

Not sure if this is really a bug but I’ve tried everything and it still doesn’t show up. If anyone can please advise if I should be posting this somewhere else.

Thank you so much Glide team for being so awesome! We already use one pro app and seriously considering making this other app pro as well!

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Hi Mikko,

I don’t know why your approach doesn’t work anymore, but I worked on a multi-page set up in a form very recently.

My approach was to have a “Progress” column in the Sheet which doesn’t show up in the form (and you don’t have to write data to that either, it’s just there for the sake of the multi-page).

So let’s say I have 3 questions for section 1, after they fill all 3, I show a button linked with an increment action. I increase the progress column by 1, then show new components that are set to show when progress is 1. Glide does store that progress value and you can use it dynamically.


I’m trying to make sense of this statement. Glide doesn’t assume a row to write to or update. When you click submit on a form, it writes a brand new row no matter what. I’m not sure if that’s part of the confusion or not.

I would try changing your condition though to check if save and continue ‘is not true’ instead of is empty. It may be storing as a false behind the scenes, which is not the same as empty.

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@ThinhDinh Thank you so much. Your approach is 100x better than what I had with the checkboxes. I did not think of utilizing increment values as page breaks for forms. That’s really creative. I now only have 2 components that tells which components to show or hide (Next and Back). It took me awhile since I have 5 pages worth of components with about 15 components each page. But it works perfectly and again way better than the checkboxes. Although still unsure why that stopped working.

Thank you again so much! I really appreciate your help and advice!


Hi Jeff. Thank you for the advice. I appreciate your help. I’m definitely wrong about glide assuming a row to write to. I just don’t know how glide knows when the condition is met even before submitting the form. The conditions I’ve set before used to work but I must have done something.

But I followed @ThinhDinh’s advice and it worked great. Actually better than the checkboxes which I can now get rid off. Thank you again!


So nice to hear it worked Mikko. Let us know if we can help more!

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