Visibility condition in forms

Hello everyone, I’m having some difficulties with visibility condition in forms. My spreadsheet has one column for the type of product I want to sell and another column for its producer. In Glide’s app I have a form where the user can order a product (chosing from a list in another sheet) and I want it to show a specific text when the user select the product from the list, but I want it based on the producer.
Let’s say I sell an apple and a banana (produced by “Fruits”) and a aubergine (produced by “Vegetables”). When the user selects the apple or the banana, I want the text “This product is produced by Fruits” to appear and when the user selects the aubergine I want the text “This product is produced by Vegetables” to appear.

How can I use visibility conditions to make this happen? Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english!

Form is a bit of a sandbox, records won’t be able to be worked with using relations - lookups until they are submitted, so your best bet is to either do it outside of a form, then capture the information later inside a form using columns, or go the long way of adding every producer possible and set visibility to show based on the choice in the form, but that is not scalable.

Thank you for your answer! I came up with the solution by creating a new column on my Google Sheet that automatically match the product name with the producer (using the CONCATENATE() function) such as “Apple - Fruits”. Then in the form I selected the choice between the new values but selecting the column of products in the option “Display as”. Then I added the visibility condition using “Contains” and it shows the text if the “products - producer” value contains the name of the producer.

I have another question: in the details of products I added the option to open the form, but I want it to set the initial value of the choice as the product which details were shown, Is there the possibility to do this?

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There’s no way to pre-populate it, but why do you want to change the product if the user has already gone into the details page of it? I would rather catch the product name via Columns component and let the user add other needed details only. Does it make sense for your case?

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Absolutely yes! How could I not have thought at it? Thank you again!

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