How to create different forms for different products

Hello Glide family, i am creating a product order app. I have added all products in a sheet
All products are displayed in a collection in the layout. So when i create a form for one product it cuts across all products however i want to make different forms for some products but it doesn’t seem to be possible. When I try to hide some of the components in the form with conditions it still reflects in all other products. I hope you understand my question, thankyou

Not an expert here but I needed to do something similar.
You could create a starting point for your user so they first select the type of product using an action button or a choice component. Their choice would determine the exact form they then see.
It would result in you needing to create multiple forms, but it is pretty fast to do given you can duplicate your current form and adjust the components to suit the type of product.

So you start with
Select your product type> A, B, C, D, (This triggers the visibility of that particular form)
Then display the exact form for that product type.
Hope this helps in some way.


Thankyou so much for your help for some reason the same form components appears on all other products, even if i set visibility criteria for product specific. How to create multiple forms?

Can you show us some screenshots on how you’re setting things up?

Hello im sorry for the delay Please see below

Image 1 is where the product services display from the Schedule data
Image 2 is the content of the form that opens when you click on each image
I want some of the form components such as nature of assistance required and the check points not to appear when you select driver, however even after setting a visibility not to show in Driver, that component disappears for all services

Can you click on the visibility condition and show me where you source the “Service” column from?

Which table is chosen as the destination table for that form? Does it have a “Service” column in it?

The “service” is sourced from the destination table which has service column there

I think the problem is that you are trying to reference a column value that hasn’t been written anywhere yet. Essentially it’s always empty until the form is submitted. How are you filling the Service column in the destination table? Are you using a column value component?

I think one trick that @ThinhDinh has used is to create a text entry component, set the default value, and then set the visibility on that component so it doesn’t show on the screen. It will still populate when the form is submitted, but the value will be accessible for your visibility condition.


Yeah I think this is the correct approach.

Basically it works with the default text entry value, but not the special value.


thankyou so much, this solved the problem, iv been able to set it as should be


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