Understanding component visibility in Forms

Hello all! I guess I’m really confused about how component visibility works in forms.

I have a tab using a Google Sheet as a source. On that tab, I have a button with a “show form screen title foo” action. On that form I have a text entry component. Easy peasy.

On that form, I only want to show certain text entry components. I had thought I could do this by setting certain values in that sheet but all values in visibility seem blank:

This makes some sense, since I’m submitting a “new row”.

When I click on data in the builder from my Form screen, I see the first row’s data but I feel like that’s not what the form can see… it’s just the first row of data in my sheet:

Can this form screen see my data or can it only see the column names and no values? If it can’t read any of the data in the sheet, how can I effectively set visibility to hide certain components as users fill out this form?

I need visibility options because I have 15 fields and I only want to show certain (admin-selectable components) on the form. Any suggestions?

I think I’m just fundamentally missing something about visibility in forms.

This solution spoke to my problem of visibility being broken but “Link to Screen” doesn’t seem to be a thing because I can’t find that action. :smiley:

Edit: this post has me playing around with a custom form from a detail screen… I’m working on that as a possible solution now…

Thanks for any help in advance!

If I recall right, the visibility only takes into account your user profiles column and the columns of the table you are writing to.

For the columns of the destination table, I believe Glide shows/hides things based on the value that the user is inputting in the same form.

Your best bet in this case might be a Show new screen action > this item, then build a custom form on that screen.


Thanks… I’m starting to see that this is the only solution. I’ll report back my findings. Thanks!

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OK, this is the solution. There’s no way to do that level of custom visibility with a standard form.


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