How do I make a form without being attached to a record/table?

The way to get around that is to do what is commonly referred to as “rolling your own form”. This generally involves the use of User Specific Columns, but may or may not involve creating new rows - that’s up to you. Here is how it works:

  • You have a button that currently does an Open Form action. Change that to do Link to Screen → This Item
  • That will give you a new Details Layout with a bunch of default components. Delete all the ones you don’t want/need, and then build your form out on this screen
  • Each input component will need a target column. This is where the User Specific columns come in. Think of them as temporary storage.
  • At the bottom of the form you create, you will need to add your own Submit button. But this can be a nice big fat one that your users won’t miss :wink:
  • Your multi-step action that calls the webhoook, etc should be attached to the button.
  • Also as part of the Submit (or Cancel) action, it’s normal to clear out the values of the User Specific Columns

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You can use a choice component for this. You just need a column somewhere in your Glide Tables/Google Sheets that contains the template definitions.

Just use a User Specific column to hold the number the user enters, and combine this with the message template using a Template Column with a replacement.

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You don’t have to. Well, you just need one row to hold the User Specific columns. That’s it.