Action triggered form actions

Hello Gliders
I’d love to see something like what I’ve clumsily tried to describe in the title. What I mean by that is that there are some things that require us to have a button that leads to a form, that mostly will be full of column fields and no actual inputs. The user has to submit without really inputting something.

What I’d love to see would be for those two steps to be combined into one, having a button that does the submission of those fields with just one tap.

A good example is, let’s say theres a book app where people submit books as suggestions and other people can see a list. On the detail page of each book there would be a button that says, “add to my personal collections” and the book ISBN or unique identifier gets added to another tab that is books by users.

Hope this makes sense. I’ll clarify if you guys ask questions


This is exactly what I’m trying to do - did you get a solution?

Hi Jessica.
I used google scripts to be triggered on change. So when the user submits a form, a whole load of stuff can happen, including what I suggested here.
I’m on holidays and don’t have my laptop with me, but when I return I can post some of the code here. There’s also a lot of good examples of google scripts here in the forum
I hope it helps

Hi, I’m wondering if you could do something with “column values” in your form? (it brings automatically with the form, without any user action, the columns that you have selected which where already filled-in in your database).
Support on ‘column values’