Combine data from two sheets for submission

I have an app that allows user to register for events. The flow is

  1. Calendar is shown with all events
  2. User selects an event
  3. We show the details of the event on a new page
  4. On that detail page, we have a form button for user to join
  5. Once user clicks the Join button, a new form is open
  6. User enters phone number and hits submit.

This is a functional flow. But I want to make it more user friendly by reducing the number of clicks and forms submitted. My idea is:

a) Add a profile form that user can fill up by clicking on a tab item
b) When user submits her profile, we include Email as “special value”
c) Now going back to the flow above, at step 4) when user clicks submit, we do not open another form. Instead, we do a submission with some “Column Values” and the email as “Special Value”.

The email as special value allows us to link the registration to the profile.

Now, my question is around step c). How do I prevent glide from opening an additional form? I just want to make the submission with Column Values and Special Values.

Alternately, I was thinking of turning the detail page at step 3) into a Form Button. That means changing the detail page of calendar event into a form button that allows me to make a submission.


I too would like a built in option to Submit a form without actually showing the form, but for now I think the only option is to create a button with a Zapier Action. Create a Zap that will write a new row to the sheet. You can pass in Special values as well as Column values from the Calendar details.

I’m not sure your alternate solution would work. You still need to display a details page with a form button on it, so it wouldn’t really save any steps.

Cool. I will try zapier later today or tomorrow. I also need it to interface with calendar.

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