Submit form to separate sheet and link to source page

This thing is beating the crap out of me. Though I am sure it is possible. The first page of my app is a calendar. Once user clicks on an event, we go to the next page that shows awesome details about the event. Then on this detail page, we have a FORM BUTTON saying: Register for this Event.

Once the user clicks on this FORM BUTTON we go to the next page where they will enter name and email. This FORM BUTTON is linked to a different sheet, called Reservation, that is different than the one where the remainder of the page content is coming from.

When I click on the FORM BUTTON, enter the data , and submit it, everything is saved in the RESERVATION sheet as expected.

What I would like to add is a link to the data that was on the detail page. Something that tells me what the user registered for. For instance, can I copy the title column of the detail page into the Reservation sheet? Can I copy an ID of some sort? How can I establish that link between what the user was viewing and the data that it just entered?

This article speaks about the different type of data the form can refer to:

“Data from the parent” type of data is what I would like to have in addition to what the user enters.

But i don’t see how to actually do that. I am not seeing the different type of data for a form.

Pay attention to the components on the right when you are on your form page. You should have access to all of your calendar details to write to your reservation sheet.

AWESOMENESS. That did the trick. Thanks.

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