On form submit go to new data detail screen

Is there a way in pages to navigate after filling a form to the data the user just filled in a detail screen?
I also need to copy the deep link of this detail screen.
How can I do that?

The “Show Detail Screen” only gives me the option of this item or user profile row.
This item takes me back to the screen when I started filling the form that is the user row.

Obviously the “Link to Current Screen” copies the link to the same user row.

I am starting to fill a form using show form action button from the user profile screen.
The form is filling to another table.

You need to write row ID to target table like unique identifier

On submit you need to write this row ID to User column temp ID

Next show detail screen throw single relation from temp user id to target table

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Thanks that works.
Now when I copy the deep link to current screen I want to able to see the correct row even If i’m not a logged in user.
But the I just get to the top row of the table and not the detail screen I copied the link from

Add next step

Its working

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Yes you are right, with the relation its working, I had a filter for current user.

Thank you

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