View details screen of a certain row

I have this scenario
Someone creates a request from a form in pages and I want to direct the visitor to the details screen of that entry … how can I achieve this ?

That’s kind of tricky, mainly because I don’t always trust any ‘On Submit’ actions.

  • But, what I think I would try is to first create a custom action that first writes unique ID to a user specific column in the table that’s driving the screen where the form button is located. You could write a unique ID to the user profile record as well, but either way, it needs to be a unique ID that changes every time the user clicks on the form button.
  • Then create a single relation that links that unique ID to the table where the form will add a new row.
  • Then pass that unique ID to the form response table.
  • Then with your On Submit actions, add an action to Show Detail Screen directing to the relation you created above.

In theory, when you submit the form, the On Summit action will take you to the new row via the unique ID. I think it might work, but I won’t guarantee it. Sometimes it seems that the On Submit actions run too fast and will try to show that detail screen before the row has been created and the relation established, so I won’t guarantee that it works.

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