Opening the row I just added with actions

Hi So I have a button that creates a row.

Within that same action there is a show details action


Now with this current setup it is opening the row at the top with each book now click.

How can I get it to open the details page of the row it just created.

This is my current setup within the show details page.

Hi @Bradley_Gibson. You can try to create a relationship between the trip request and the current user and then in “Show details screen” you can select this relationship.

Sorry Im not quite following. Could you maybe explain to me in a bit more detail.

If I did this how would the relation look like in the user tab?

Is the screen that youre in (guessing youre completing a custom form) the same table as where youre adding the row?

Of course!
For example, I have 2 tables Users and TripRequests with one-to-many relationship.
Screenshot at May 18 14-33-45

In Users table I created a column to relation Users with TripRequests with “Match multiple” checked.

Then I created a column with a rollup in order to get the last inserted TripRequest.

With this column plus email of current user, I created a column with a template with those columns (email-lastTripRequests).

In TripRequests I created a column equal to template column of Users (email-lastTripRequests)

In Users table I created a relationship with those template columns (without check “Match multiple”).

Ok, with those configuration already I can get the last TripRequest inserted by user and edit it when I creat it.
Also I have added a button with custom action. This action, add a row in TripRequests and then, “Show edit screen” of this row added.


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