Possible to get a link to a specific row in my table?

In my app I have help and trouble shooting section.
I have this section in a separate table. Normally the user would access this ressource via a list under the profile setting.

I have a few places in the app where I would like to link directly to certain row in my ressource table, however in such cases I don’t want them to go away from whatever workflow they’re in and ideally do it via a popup. However I haven’t reliably been able to do this so I thought if I would be able to utilise the URL action is it possible to get a link to a database row?

If you can establish a Single Relation from the current row to the desired row in your Troubleshooting table, then you could use a Show Details Screen through that relation in an Overlay or Slide-in screen.

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Hi @Darren_Murphy

Didn’t think about it this way, thanks for your input - however my problem i’m trying to get around still persist. I want the user not to be able to click the ‘X’ as it’s in the middle a custom form and there has been alot of data entry and if they click the ‘X’ instead of the back arrow they go back to square one - something that would annoy most people.

Ideally there would be a way to completely det rid of the ‘X’ - especially have long custom form and want to rely on your own workflow.
So i thought to get around this would be to open the section in a separate URL.

Why do you have the “x” there though? You’re showing it in an overlay/slide in?

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I have it as an overlay as when as use main it does not have the ‘X’ but when I press the the back arrow it goes all they back to the place where I launch the form where which the link is part of.

Rather than navigating to another screen, my suggestion would be to use the action to toggle a user specific boolean column that would show or hide a component/container with the details.


Thank you @Darren_Murphy, after spending some more time on this, this is they forward for me atm

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