Create a new row and inmediately open in a new windows

I have a collection with a “new” button in toolbar

Is there a way to add a row an instantly open a page or form with that new row in order to the user fill the information of that row?


The only way to do it would be to do this set up / custom action:

Set up:

  1. User specific “Temp ID” column
  2. Single relation “Relation to ID” column from the Temp ID column to a ID column in the table where the new row is added

Custom Action on the Button:

  1. Set column action > unique value to a user specific column
  2. Add row action that adds the Temp ID to the ID column along with any other data you want to prepopulate
  3. Show Detail Screen > Relation to ID
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So you don’t want to open a form screen at all? I think if you open a form you can use an “on submit” action to show details screen of the row you have just added.

But if you open a form, I think you should allow the user to enter the info right in that form. Not sure why the flow should be “add row” (a row with no info?) > “show details screen” > allow user to edit, if I understand you right.

I do want to open a form screen but with the new row “already loaded” and ready. It Doesn’t matter when the row will be created, the important is that the user could fulfill the row without manually enter into. That’s why I want to create it and then inmediately enter into another screen where the user could fulfill that row

A native form will open a modal screen where the user can enter all of the information. When they click on Submit within the form, that is when a new row will be created and populated with everything they entered in the form. For your case, it might be better to use a “Show New Form” action instead of an “Add Row” action. It’s a one step process instead of trying to add a blank row, design a way to link to it, and then navigate to the details of that new row, where you would either have to directly have entry components or use the edit button.

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