Create rows in different tables, but grab the rowID of first one and put it into the second row

Hi guys,
When customers push complete order, I would like:
A row to be create in table XXX

A row to be created in table YYY
But in this row, grab the ROWID of the row just created in table XXX and add it into this second row to connect the two.

I think what would work better would be to generate a Unique ID when you are navigating to the screen that contains your button. Then when you click on your button you can write that unique ID to your two tables.


is there a column type that creates a unique ID (like a RowID)? All I see is “random number” but I don’t think it is unique.

It all depends on how you get to the screen that contains your button, but in many cases, you can create a custom action that first uses a set column action to set the unique id, followed by a show detail screen or whichever method you are using to get to the screen with the button.

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Something like this.

that worked! i knew i saw it somewhere before.

My custom form has a “review order” button so i am able to write the unique value at that time.


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