Unique Identifier the same in the whole action flow

Is the Unique Identifier unique per insert or per the whole action flow?
Do I need to hold it in a column and reset it after every use? or is there a more elegant way to connect 2 rows?
I am writing data to 2 tables and I need a 1-1 relation between them.

What I’ve seen is that when you are trying to set a unique ID in two tables from the same action flow that two different IDs are set. My example is for a schedule where one table is a custom calendar, and the other is for the calendar entries.

What I did to fix it is set the unique ID in the user-specific column in the custom calendar when the user presses a button to create a calendar entry, and then create a row with the unique ID in the calendar entry table when the user presses a button to save the entry. Then I can make the relation between the two. I don’t use the user table for this, although the ID is tied to the user making the entry.


I have somewhat the same approach. On the open of a form I set a unique value to my user profiles table, then write that to the related tables when users submit the form/use an add row action.

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yah, same here. I think this must be a common approach :wink:

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In my example I’m not setting any value in my user table because I expect to have hundreds of these IDs per user. My schedule IDs are tied to their user ID, but I’m writing the joins in a separate table.

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That’s what I thought, just wanted too see if maybe anyone has different idea.
I will hold it in the data and reset it.
Would have been nice to select a unique identifier per compound action.
Thank you!