Sequence actions

In a sequence I would like to:

Add Row Table 1 (data)
Add Row Table 2 (data)
Add Row Table 3 (Table 1 (Row ID), Table 2 (Row ID))

Is this possible? I don’t know if any ‘Add Row function’ returns a result like ROW-ID and if that can be used in a Sequence.

Asking a different way:

Can you assign your own identifiers as the ROW ID for tables which have a GLIDE assigned ROW ID?

In this case I can create my working Table with 2 unique identifiers and then I would use those identifiers as ROW ID when calling “Add Row” for the two new objects.

Calling Action Sequence:
Action sequence creates working table (or uses existing)
Working table always initialized with 2 unique identifiers.

Add Object Action Sequence:

Add Row Table 1 (ROW ID = unique ID 1)
Add Row Table 2 (ROW ID = unique ID 2)
Add Row Table 3 (New ROW ID, unique ID 1, unique ID 2)


I think you have the right idea with your second post to generate unique ID’s before you ever add any rows. But, I would not attempt to assign a unique ID to a Row ID column. Just create a new column to hold the unique ID in the other tables. It doesn’t specificly have to be an official Row ID column. You’ll still be able to establish your relations.


That works too and it didn’t even occur to me.

Time to add more columns to my tables!

Thanks again

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