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I currently have 2 different tables, I’m pushing data via the Glide API to one table. Is there a way in Glide via Actions or something to trigger rows to be created in a second table? I can only see in actions for something to happen via user interaction.

Subsequently, is there a way to retrieve the rowIDs so they can later be edited via the API?

Unfortunately not.
But the API response from Glide will include the RowID of the row just created, so you could use that in a subsequent API call.

Depends on your subscription level. If you have Business or Enterprise, then you have access to the queryTables end point. And if you’re using Big Tables, you can also run filtered queries through the API.

Yep I thought as much, thanks.

I also noticed in using the API that some of the columns are named after its actual name but some are some generated ID. Is there any way to change this generated ID?


        "TestResult": "TestResult",
        "EhdHj": "ReleaseDate",

I believe it may be useful as some of my tables have the same column name.

When you create a new table the default ‘Name’ column is stuck with the generated ID. For this reason I always delete the Name column as the first order of business. All additional columns will follow the appropriate naming scheme.

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So, I just created a new table to try this, the API example gives this:

                "columnValues": {
                    "Name": "Name",
                    "vjXNY": "Column2"

Is there any way for these subsequent column generated IDs to be renamed/follow what its column name is? i.e

                "columnValues": {
                    "Name": "Name",
                    "Column2": "Column2"

No, I’m afraid not. Once the API names are set, they can’t be changed.

Personally I see this as a good thing :tm:, because it means that I don’t risk breaking any API integrations when I rename a column (which happens quite often).

The way I deal with this is to use the Labels option in my Make JSON modules to assign human-readable names:

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Understood, thank you.

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