Glide table with 2 ROW ID columns

I have noticed that one of my Glide tables has two ROW ID columns, I presume that I can delete the second one as it is not Column 1 - It appears in my Google sheet in column 4

Add a new row to the table (from the Glide Data Editor), and you should see a RowID value appear in one of the columns. This is the “true” RowID column. Before deleting the other one, check whether or not it is being used anywhere with “Find Uses”.

oh, one thing I should add. The order of the columns in the Glide Data Editor is not guaranteed to be the same as in the Google Sheet. Any columns that are added via Glide will always be added to the end of the Google Sheet. So you should take care when deleting the extra column to make sure you have the correct one.

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