Removing RowID

Hey folks, what’s the safest way to remove RowID columns? I added a few to several sheets while testing out User Specific Rows and ever since, I’ve been getting some glitchiness from my google scripts. I think it’s because some form submissions auto update different sheets at the same time which causes Glide to update those several sheets with new RowIDs and it seems I have an OnChange trigger that may be getting triggered more times than I was anticipating because those new rows of ID data are being sent when certain stuff is submitted. Anyway, I don’t need most of these RowID columns right now. But I can’t delete them within glide… I can delete them in the sheet… but I’m worried that could cause major problems with the app. @Mark or any other devs, can you let me know the best way about this.

I haven’t extensively tested this, but I think it should be safe to delete it from the sheet as long as you aren’t using it for anything like user specific columns, comments components, relations, etc.

Okay. Gonna give it a shot. Fingers crossed.

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Yes, that is the way to remove it. As long as you don’t depend on it anywhere everything should be fine.

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