Row IDs keeps auto populating

Hi, i am unable to remove row IDs and it keeps auto-populating, causing import errors in my importrange function in my google sheet.

How do i remove Row IDs so they dont populate again?

Thank you

If you don’t need the RowID’s, then just delete that column.

If you do need them, then you’ll need to adjust your ImportRange so that it ignores that column.

Thanks for your assistance!!

I have removed the entire column and replaced with another set of data.

However the Row IDs keep coming back.

I have also tried inserting a new column in my google sheets for my importrange to work but the data editor still overwrites my info in the new column with Row IDs.

Attaching some screenshots of error,

What i need it as: (this is not by importrange but manual entry into the cell, still gets overwritten with Row IDs)

What gets populated after refreshing the Data Editor:

Hope this provides a better description!

Try this:

  • Delete the column that contains the RowID from your Google Sheet.
  • In the Glide Data Editor, force a sync with the Google Sheet, and visually confirm that the RowID column is gone
  • Exit the Glide builder to the dashboard, then open the app again and check that the RowID column is gone.
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Thanks! Did exactly that and it worked!

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