Imported Row ID not recognized as Row ID

I have a problem. I need to convert an existing Google Sheet Tab to a Glide table. There’s been no mention of a timetable for Google Sheets to be convertible in the same way the Excel and Airtable tables are convertible now.

When I export the data to a .CSV and re-import it in to a Glide Table, the Row ID column is not recognized as a Row ID. If I add a Row ID column ALL my relationships will break in all my other tables!

I have a lot of data.


Is there any way to make the Row ID column recognized as a Row ID, Or change the values in the added Row ID column to the values in the old Row ID column?


I assume it’s a no. It has never worked that way since the import function was introduced.

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Thanks for responding @ThinhDinh .

After giving the problem some thought, I was able to resolve the issue by changing the field in the related table instead of trying to change it in the main table. Fortunately for me, I only had one related table, but the solution would have been the same with more than one table; it just would have taken longer.

Since I had the old Row ID and the new Row ID in the main table, I made a relation in my second table to the old Row ID. Then I made a Lookup Column to the new Row ID (from the main table). Then I made an empty column in the second table called “new Row ID”. Then I cut-and-pasted the data from the Lookup Column to the new Row ID column. After that, I simply needed to do “Find Uses” of the old Row ID column in the second table, and move all references from that column to the new Row ID column. After that, and confirming proper operation of the relations, I was able to safely delete the old Row ID column from the new table and the old Row ID column, the relation and the lookup column from the secondary table. 3000+ records.

I had another table I unfortunately had to scrap because it was a historical data table and had records in it from multiple other tables. I could have found the relations, but in this case, the work required was not offset by any benefit of keeping the data. It was more-or-less a log anyway.

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I ran into that problem this morning and here’s what I figured out for moving Row IDs from a Sheet to a Glide table.

When I exported the Sheet from a different Glide app, I wasn’t able to bring along the Row ID, so I exported it directly from the Sheet.

Create new empty Glide table
Edit new empty Glide table by adding Row ID column and deleting Name column
Then import .csv file that includes Row ID

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Interesting. Did not work for me when I tried it just now.

So that’s your resulting table and neither of those Row ID columns are the one you were trying to import?

Here’s a video of the process that worked for me.

My guess would be because the RowID column name did not match:

Well, no, that was not it…

Ooof. Well I thought “don’t delete the first row”, but that did not work either. Only difference I can see is that you are on the pro plan.


Don’t forget the lock emoji :lock:. That’s still a character and part of the header name.


Well, even copying the column name to my spreadsheet did not work.


Glide after creating a new table and deleting even the first row…
And I got the bonus “O! Sheet! There was an error publishing your app!”

OK, finally got it to work. The CSV must be saved in the UTF-8 format.


But since my starter plan does not support more than 5000 rows, I will not be able to import all that history anyway.

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