Deleted rows are being included in Rollup columns

User-specific columns require a Row ID (I get that!), but when an item is deleted all the data but the Row ID remains (as you can see those entries with a blank Lug UID), including the row it self.

As more items are added and deleted you’ll get blank rows through-out.

So does the deleted unused row count towards your row limit?

@david @Mark are you able to shed some light into this please? Furthermore, these un-deleted rows is also causing Rollup counts to be incorrect as Glide thinks that they are valid rows when they are not?

How do you delete those rows? Are you sure that there is no data in those rows in the Google Sheet? Maybe an ARRAYFORMULA that puts in some values?

I’m using standard glide ‘delete item’ process.

I do have ARRAYFORMULA in other columns but are based on whether a column contain a value using ISBLANK, so no values are added.

When I create the item I am also saving values from another sheet using the special columns section. I wouldn’t have thought that this would be an issue?

I am noticing that when I delete an item, it is removed from Glide but not from the sheet and therefore the row remains, causing it to re-appear in Glide again when I sync again.

FYI - I have 56 columns, 8 have ARRAYFORMULA to enter some value, none put a value when the item is initially created.

@Mark Ok - im pretty confident it’s a bug - as a test I removed ALL formulas, added a new item, it added it to the sheet, I then deleted it and it did not delete from the sheet.

@Mark I noticed a similar issue. When a user deletes an item (such as a contact) in my app the data in the google sheet is cleared, but the row itself is not deleted. For my app, I would prefer that the entire row is removed/deleted when the user deletes something.

It’s a bug. We’re rolling out a fix. Apologies.

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