Glide App and Page with same Row ID

I created Glide table in my APP with Row ID but when I used this table in Glide PAGE. All Row ID has been deleted…

Im am trying to make APP and PAGE with the same Database.

Are you storing your data in Google Sheets or Glide Tables?

In glide table. :slight_smile:

I just tried a while ago to add Row Id on Glide Page. It added the same as my glide app.

Glide tables technically have a RowID already built in. Adding a RowID column just exposes and makes visible the RowID that was already assigned to the row. That is of course different from Google sheets, where RowID’s are not generated until you add the RowID column.

So in your case, it’s possible that glide didn’t deem it necessary to show the RowID column since it was already there behind the scenes. That’s probably why you got the same ID’s once you added the column to the table.

I would agree though that the column should have been visible from the start.


One further question is if he “creates” a page from the data of an app, would the rowID be preserved? I guess yes.

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