Glide API - row id

I’m just wondering if it’s possible to use a different column with a UUID string in the Glide tables as the rowID, instead of the automatic :lock: Row ID column that is created?


For the purpose of making API calls?

You can create your own UUID column if you want, but it won’t act like a RowID column. You’d need to add UUID values to it - Glide wouldn’t add them automatically - and you wouldn’t be able to use it to make API calls.


Yes, a bit like I would do Google Sheets by performing a search using, and then I could edit the resulting row.

I wonder if that’s possible with the ‘get rows’ call and doing a search on that to extract the rowID… Oh well :face_exhaling:

So you want to pass a UUID to make via webhook → get all rows via glide api → match the UUID from your webhook to the get all rows → extract a RowID from the match

Is that right?

I was able to find a better workaround, the team with the app isn’t on a business plan so I’m unable to test that concept.

Instead, I just created a loop by sending a column in my action table with the UUID to a column in the destination table, then related back to the action table, so that I could create a lookup for the :lock: Row ID and send it in the Webhook later down the line in the action sequence.

Seems to be working for me so far :grimacing:

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If you ever need to, you can have a business trial for 14 days.

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