Id (row) that can be used through different tabs

HI everyone.
Im trying to use an id row that creates with the first form, and that will help me throughout the other processes or/and tabs.
for example if in the form A i make my first batch (1), then once submitted the form, it will create the id# that will stick with batch 1.
Then in process 2 (another form), i select this batch 1 i will also find my id# and with this id# i can use the info from the first form in my second process. it is something like making a trazability log.
Thank you all for your help.

You can add the row ID column, which has a unique number… or if you need to know that ID before adding the row… use the Unique Identifier option in custom actions.

thank u for ur reply. where would i find this uique id. seems the new version only shows id row. cant find unique id. thanks.

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