Open added row instantly

Is it possible to open a row after it is created using custom actions?

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yes… add action go to the screen, and set the filter for that screen to show the last entry (that would required adding a current time in add row action)

What is there are multiple people in the system doing the same thing the same day?

just add to the filter user email

And how am I supposed to get the latest time?

add a current date and time

I did that. It didn’t seem to do right.

take a screenshot of added row and filter for a new screen

the date has to be the latest date… not within today… if you have many dates today it will show the first one

That’s not an option.

use the roll up column to get the lates date for that user… than if else column to find that latest that is user name…if true mark that row and use this mark in the filter

Should the Date Added be User Specific?

that would solve adding extra column for finding right user… so yes if is possible

Or Row owner?

  1. add current time to a USC in add new row action
  2. add roll latest date column
  3. add IF ELSE column IF latest date = current time then true

now filter your screen if name is user name and column is true

What’s the use case exactly?
Do you want to show it so the user can review the data they just entered, or is there something else that needs to happen or be done with that row?

If it’s just for review, what I normally do is just display all the contents of the User Specific Columns (plus any additional calculated columns) that were used to create the new row.

You nailed it. I want the user to be able to review the data they just entered.
This is why I needed help editing that script. @Darren_Murphy :slight_smile:

hehe, okay - so are you using the native form or building your own?
What I described there only works if you’re using a custom form.