Timestamp row creation date & time

Is there an easy - or at least elegant - way to create a column that serves as a timestamp for the date and time a row gets created?

I’ve looked everywhere multiple times, and I’m not seeing it.

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Add a date column. Then in your form add a Special Value component that populates it with the current date and time when the form is submitted.

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Thank you!

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@Jeff_Hager Hmm… I’m not seeing Special Values anywhere.


Its not a Component, look on the right side for On Submit:

It will be added (using Added/By and Added/On) whenever you insert a new record.

I also use Updated/By and Updated/On on record updates.

For more steps a custom action can be created.

OH! got it. Thank you so much. I’m clear now.

You can also use this


as @Jeff_Hager suggested but I usually use it the other way.


@MGA Where is that on the interface? I couldn’t find it.

I’d say it is a component because it’s added the same way a component is, but it’s just not visible.

The problem I have with On Submit is that those actions are executed AFTER a row is added, and sometimes they run too quickly…before the row has been completely added. If you’re are not careful, they don’t always work. I’ve seen too many people have issues, especially relying on On Submit for something that can be done with the appropriate User Profile components, Special Value components, and Column Value components.

Are you inside of a form? How are you saying rows?


AH! I learned that I wasn’t setting the form up correctly. I was trying to do everything with components on the left-hand side, and I hadn’t set up the columns in the “form container” editor on the right-hand side. I think I have it now.

Such a robust system; extremely configurable, but definitely a learning curve.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager !

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