Create a formula created date automatically

Hello everyone,

When an user creates a record like a new row on Glide table, I want a column informs about the new row’s creation date.

I tried to make it with current time but the date changes everyday.
I want the date blocked at the created date.

How could do I do it ?

Thank you

Sounds like you are using a computed column for the date?

You should use a non-computed date/time column, and populate that with the current date/time as each new row is created.

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Where do I find the non-coputed column ?
I created a basic Date/tome as you can see on the picture.

And I created an action as you can see on the second picture.
But it does seem to work.

How could I do it ?

Thank you so much

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 12.06.11

Don’t use Set Column values as an onSubmit action with a Form.
Pass the date/time as a special value with the form. The document that I linked to tells you how to do this.

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Ho I did not see your link and it worked so well.
Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

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