Last Update Date/Time whenever a cell/row is changed in Tables (Glide/GS)

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I have a Knowledge Base, where I create & update contents in Glide and or GS tables depending on the length of texts.
Many entries are still in progress, so I use a jauge to show % WIP, next to completion, etc.
I have a date/time column that I update manually, since I notice my =Today() in GS computes the date for all rows whenever I update 1 cell only.
How am I supposed to save the Last Updated Date/Time for the row and not the entire table/GS (tab).
Ideally from Glide columns
Is there already a Feature Request for Last Update, Last Accessed/Read?
Thks :cherry_blossom:

In many of my tables, I have the following columns:

  • Created At (date/time)
  • Created By (text)
  • Updated At (date/time)
  • Updated By (text)

When a record is created (Add Row), the Created At column is populated with the current date/time, and the Created By column is populated with the signed in users UserID.
When a record is updated (Set Column Values), the Updated At column is updated with the current date/time, and the Updated By column is updated with the signed in users UserID.

So I get something that looks like this:


Yes, that’s what I do - already - for my Add Row.
But, how can I do if I manually update rows in Glide or GS Tables? I update the dates manually as well? (there are many columns to scroll horizontally depending what cells I’m updating) That’s my tedious current process. And there’s not date picker.
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Short answer is you can’t, only way is you edit them through the edit screen and use an on submit action.

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Isn’t that kind of defeating the purpose of having the app?


yes I’ve noticed than I can set the current date/time for ex in form screen, hence my surprise not seeing the same simple option to prefill with user name an input field component in a Detail Layout.
What do you call “edit screen”? the click inside the cell from the Glide Table?

Oh! A Date Picker!
OK. I haven’t catch that Glide’s very invisible style :ghost:
Merci. Because Glide keeps on having trouble letting me edit JJ/MM/AAAA (though it does display it my way) and displays/interpret it MM/JJ/AAAA: I had to try several times. So this month, any date is often the 11th of any other month but november, instead of being november of well today’s day name.

you can add a triggered script to your sheet, so every time you edit it… it will change the timestamp to a current one, LINK TO SCRIPT

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But I just tried: when I edit, there’s no date picker, only my date in edit mode, and from the initial samedi 13 novembre 2021, it’s edited like 13/11/21 (JJ/MM/YY) which is correct.

That date picker example I gave is from a Google Sheet. There is no such option in the Glide Data Editor.
But again, I’d question why you are editing data in the GDE? Normally you wouldn’t do that unless you are testing something.

As I said: my app is a knowledge base, with > 150 glossary entries I update myself (definitions, videos, links, images), not a bulk import.
As an Instructor, I rewrite everything for clarity and topic better understanding + skills transfer.
The content changes whenever necessary, to adjust to fresh info about Product Management.


add this script to your google sheet, and it will time stamp automatically every time you make a change:

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Ah good idea, but…
1/as a newbie, I was at the beginning afraid of setting visibility conditions not good enough (I know how with other environments, but not sure about “real Glide behavior” to trust it months ago)

2/since I set user click tracing, if I update using this edit UI, I’ll have to delete all the tracing “Add rows” because of my own clicks to open each screen. More tedious than updating dates in tables.

BTW, yes, the GS update with date picker is ok, thks. I replaced all Today() by a fixed date. Curiously, Glide does not seem to count all the edits (should be close to 100 or more). Let’s wait and see.