Sort by recently updated?

Hello. LOVE Glideapps. We’re staying in touch as a very extended family (300+ people). We’re sharing an update on each household for this year. I’d love to sort the data in a tab by the most recently updated one. Is that possible?

Hi Doug,

For that to work, you have to get a column for the timestamp of the last update. I take it you don’t have one at the moment, what’s your data structure like as of now?

Thank you for the reply. I don’t have a timestamp setup right now. Does that happen via a script in Google Sheets, or is that a feature inside of Glideapp?

I have a row for each Household and a column labeled 2020 Update. Anyone with the app can edit the 2020 Update with an Edit Note component. I’d love to add a timestamp in a new column when the Edit Note component is edited.


You can do that with the date/time special value in Add, Edit, or form mode. If you are only using a notes component on a View screen, then there is no way withing Glide to track the date. You would have to do something using a script.

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Thanks Jeff. I’ll look into a Google Sheet script. If not, the Form makes sense and I’ll try using that.

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