Automatic event date

Dear community: , the more I progress in the creation of my apps, the more I like to glide and discover new ways to solve the data. But I just realized that Glide does not have any way to automatically record the dates of events that the user performs, such as creating a new item or deleting. Are you considering or planning to add this functionality to the app in the near future?

Looks like you asked this same question back in April and received the following answer. Is this not working for you?

Dear Jeff, i only see this components: Date time and Date, and the Rango for both have only 3 options: All dates - Today or erlier and Today or later.

Oh, it looks like you are not using a native Glide Add/Edit/Form screen, which allows you to set those automatic values.

Indeed Jeff, my mistake, there is the component. And which content component allows me to display the date as text?

To display a date as text, you can use any component, such as a text component.

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Thank you very much Jeff. very clear

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