Auto date inserted in a Form

Is it possible to have the auto date insertion in a form?
eg My form will require people to sign into an event and it is required to put in the date. Just wondering if I could automate that field so it’s one less thing people have to fill in.

Thanks Jeanette

What is that “date”? Is it the date of the event, the date that the user fills the form, or another type of date?

Apologies. It will be the date they enter the venue. The event will last for 5 days.
It’s a COVID App that people will be required to fill in prior to entering.


There is a special values section that contains components with automatic values. Date is one of them. Just include it with your form entry.


Just to confirm, I can’t do it for a field I’ve called ‘date’ on a form. But the solution is to add another component to the layout?

Find this component in your form and point that to your “Date” column.

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Perfect, thank you :slight_smile:

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Also remember to go to your Editor afterwards and format the date to be as you wish.


Yes, I was just about to look at doing that. I just formatted the Date column in my google spreadsheet. Is that what you meant? I couldn’t see how to do it within Glide itself?

Go to your Data Editor, find that column and click “Edit”.


Thanks, that was too easy! Appreciate your very fast responses :slight_smile:

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