How To: 📅 Date as default permanent entry? (w/pic)


My issue is that if I use the “now” setting then all of the dates, of course, will change. I want the current date and time to automatically be the journal entry date.

How do I accomplish this?


Thank you for the link. I don’t have the same “Columns” options as what I watched. Do I need a particular form to execute that?

Looks like you’re using a custom form. I assume that you have an action somewhere that does an Add Row? You should be able to set the current date/time with that action.

CleanShot 2023-06-05 at 10.14.01@2x

Originally I DID have some action happening but ended up changing.

Is an Edit Form the main one that can make this connection with Date and Time?

Thanks again for your guidance! Much appreciated!


You can pass it as a special value with native forms (Add and Edit), but it’s also available to use with actions (Set Column Values, Add Row, etc) on any component that supports actions.


Thank you very much!

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