Default Date

This seems simple, but an issue I routinely encounter is wanting to set a default date/date-time in the date picker. Usually, I want the default to be “now”, but I also want users to occasionally change the entry based on a few use cases. Currently, there is the ability to set a “placeholder” which is counter-productive, as it tricks users into thinking that a date has been entered when one hasn’t.

You can already set the default date to Now with a date picker in a form.

Oh, I see. I am talking about the Date Picker when used on a regular screen, not a form screen. I created a custom form using “new screen” to allow for additional functions.

Custom forms are attached to real columns, unlike native forms which hold the data in a temporary space until you click on submit. Native forms always assume a clean start when opening the form. Custom forms, on the other hand, are a bit of a workaround. Because it’s pulling data from columns, having a default setting doesn’t really make sense as it could overwrite an existing value.

Instead, you should call a set column action when opening the custom form, which can clear all columns to get a fresh empty form, or in some cases, you can set the date to the current date and time using the date/time special value in the set column action.


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