Having Today or Now as default values for Date

I am recording details of different activities in an app. Each activity has a separate form, and is stored in a separate table. I want the current date and time as the form default for each instance of each activity.

For some reason some activities are only labelled with the DATE (and in the form creation screen the default value I can select for the day is Today) and others allow me to select a default value with the time - Now. (see screen shots)

I would like them all to have Now.

As far as I can see I have set up each activity in exactly the same way so I cannot understand why this should be.

If I look at the table for the activities that have no time (only the date) and I set it to display the date and time - they are all recorded as 12AM.

I realise I must be doing something stupid - but I’m not sure what.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks Paul

There are two things to check here:

  • the format of your column in the editor (is it formatted to show the ‘Date only’, or ‘Date and Time’)
  • are you using a Date component to capture the date, or a Date/Time component? The Date component will only capture the date, but will append 12:00 as the time of it (all dates are also Date/Times, you just can’t see the Time value unless you tell it to show it through the way the column is formatted). I think to get the “Now” option, you need to use a Date/Time component.

Thanks very much - I was only using the Date component for some activities. I knew I was doing something stupid!


No problem at all! Not stupid — it’s a small quirk that you only know when you know!

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