How to set only date not time on set values

I am trying to set only date but there I only see is current date/time I only want date

How are you setting it? Are you using a Date/Time component? Have you tried the Date component?

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What Jeff was referring to is a “date picker”, opposed to the “date-time picker”, which does include the time.

If you mean you want to set a special value to a column as only “date”, you can set it using the “current date/time” option, then format the destination column to show only “date”.

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Hi all,

I do have a similar topics, I am struggling with.
I have a simple table with an “Add” button to enable users to add another row to the database.
When the User clicks the button, the overlay with the input fields opens.
One of the fields is for date of birth. In the database, the field has the date only format. However, when I choose the field and design in the frontend, I only can choose the date & time design.

How can I choose the “date only” design also in the frontend, so the user is not required to insert the time of their birth? :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!

Use a Date picker instead of a Date Time picker.