Change default date time in picker

I added a datetime picker into my private app:
but the default datetime is strange (~10 days ago):
It’s not comfortable because I must to change default date every time when I use this field.
How can I change it to today or yesterday afternoon for example?

If it would be helpful to understand:
The app is tracking of actions (one action - one row with date and time).
Sometimes i forget to add actions and want to add it manually.
The config DateTime picker is:

Searching topic like this didnt help.
Thanks a lot!


It isn’t possible so far. The default value for this component is equivalent to Now() (current day and time)


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The date time picker can default to now/today or any other date but only on a form screen. “Default values” can’t be set of the component is on a details screen.

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If this is not on a top level screen, you can add an action to set your “preset” default date into that column.

I had forgotten this detail, thanks for reminding it @Robert_Petitto

thanks a lot for your advice, but I don’t have “default value” field:
“datetime” - is the column name.

But I want to set default date into form, not into column.
It’s very uncomfortable to change 11.02.2022 to 21.02.2022 every time when I use this functional.

@Miguelll , disculpa el retraso en responder.

The “default value” field that you need will appear when you will insert the Form Button on your screen…

  1. Open your new Form and …

  2. Insert a new Date Picker component on it

It’s the only way to have the Default Value enabled. (and I don’t know why?? :woozy_face:)



If you’re already using a form, you should see an option to have a default value like @gvalero pointed out.

You can’t have a default value of a component on the details screen.

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