Time picker

Great that we have two time-related components to our disposal, but I find that this is not enough. If would like to implement a time picker where hours (24 options) and minutes (12 options , 5 minutes blocks) can be picked. Additionally I would like to be able to set a default time value. Giving the admin the option to offer 5 minute blocks to choose from or set the option to define a minute specific value can also be a good feature…

Any other Gliders that have a pressing usecase for this feature?


I’m making a business-directory app that requires tracking opening and end times per day. This would make it much more helpful to have instead of free-text field

Hi @Ramo,
From what I understand about your App, the date time picker should work perfectly.

I dunno what you’re trying to accomplish, but the date picker in FORMS is very detailed and works for me pretty well.

I suppose it would make sense if you want time entry that doesn’t have anything to do with a particular date, such as opening and closing times for a business.

I had the same need, and what I did is using a choice component pointing on time values : 00:00, 00:15, 00:30, 00:45, and so on.

It works pretty well, even if for this purpose I “waste” approximately 100 rows (choice source values…)

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I’d like this request to be revisited. My use case has a form where the user is must input a time.

I’d like the date to be ignored or assumed to be the current date. The Google forms app, which my glide form is based on ignored the date altogether.

There is already a date picker, a date & time picker. I time picker on it’s own be awesome and be more convenient for my users!



I join the request. Please add a component of Time Picker.