Time picker

Use 12/30/1899 as a 0 am and display only time, 12/31/ 1899 would be 24 hours and if you convert 12/31/1899 to a number. it will give you 1, now just divide by 24 for hours. than again by 60 for minutes and again by 60 for seconds… add result to a current DATE() and you have time for calculations if business is open now

Example use for time picker.

I know this does not quite fit as this is mostly about time of days but I would like an hours minutes seconds picker. The use case is for time entries from say a race. I would like the seconds to be specifiable to the number of decimal places.

You could create 3 choice components. One each for Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. The user can select from all three and you can write the decimal equivalent into the sheet. All you need is a sheet with 60 rows to list all hours/minutes/seconds in three columns and their corresponding decimal value in three more columns.

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You could probably do something like this in a math column


Then you will probably need a template column to replace the decimal point with a ‘:’.

Otherwise you can break the math out (and exclude the divide by 100) into two columns to get 10 in one column and 15 in another column, then use a template column to join the two values together with ‘:’.


Did this for hours minutes seconds and the tenths as well. So no issues. Would really like a slick editor like the date time though.

BTW the one user I tried it on liked it better than typing

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My app is a little different but that is essentially what i did

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to make it easy, i created a time picker:

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adjust business open hours and check if is open now (click image to open this App)

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 4.39.49 PM Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 4.17.31 PM` .