Time Picker (without date)

Hello everyone!

I am working on a time tracking app, where co-workers insert the time they started/finished to work - without the day. I know there is a date and date/time entry. But what about just a time entry? I think that would be very helpful in many cases and it’s pretty much already there.

Could that be a feature Glide could look into?


I’ve requested the same thing in the past. There should be a spot for it in the Feature Requests app where you can upvote it.

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Currently, I make a choice component with all the possible times in 15 minute increments for my time-tracking apps. It works well for our use, but a true “time” component would provide greater functionality in my opinion.


You could try something like this. Create a choice component with just a list of times and set it to write to a date column. I think it may fill in the blanks and save it as the current date and selected time. (I have not tried this myself)


Google sheets handles times very well. If your app is in google sheets then converting and finding the differences between 2 times should be very easy. Getting the information in glide could be as simple as typing in the time and having a am/pm choice bar with those done google can translate it for you.

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yes, we need that! i have to create my own time picker… lol

to select business operating hours, should give value 12 AM as 12/30/1899 0:00:00, so it would be easy to work with dates later, time picker should have only clock shown, no calendar.
plus add new format in Glide for showing only time… also add duration format,would be nice

Is this something they log at the time they start/finish their day, or is it something they do after the day has finished?

If something done after the day could you use @kyleheney solution but with a choice component for the hours and another for the minutes (maybe in 5/10/15 minute intervals depending on accuracy required), you could then combine these using a template column in glide, or probably better in google sheets as it is good with times.

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