Is the only a Time Field?

Hello all! I am developing a baby app and would like to track the time my baby sleeps. I would like to manually specify the time the baby went to sleep, and the time they woke up. I am making my special field of date/time register automatically. Is it possible?

The Date/Time Special Value or the Date/Time picker would work for this. The Date/Time Special Value will default to the time the form was submitted. If you use the Date/Time Picker, it should always default to the the current time when selecting your date.

Thank you Jeff! I am wondering if it can default today’s date and I simply focus on inserting the time?

I would think that the Date/Time picker would still work. The current date will already be set and you can modify the time as needed. If you are looking for just a Time Picker, then there isn’t one at this time.