Current Date/Time Blank

I have an app where users are creating records, when they do, it sets a column value with the current date and time. One user, when creating the records leaves this field blank somehow. He has an iphone. Does anyone else have this experience?

This column value is set in a custom action

Can you explain how you are creating rows? There’s already features to add a date/time when the row is created. You don’t need to do it with a secondary action that modifies the newly created row using a set column action.

I did not know that… I was setting them in the Set Column action, but I see that there is column specific data for that. I still don’t understand why a particular phone would not record the data though. I was doing it in the background using Set Column after the form was submitted.

The reason I mentioned setting it when the row is added (instead of a Set Column action after it’s added) is because I wonder if the other actions are happening too fast on that particular device and trying to run the subsequent actions before the row is completely added. So maybe the set column action isn’t quite working. If at all possible, I try to avoid any On Submit actions, or any actions that affect a row immediately after it’s added. I think it’s been pretty stable for most people, but in the past, I do recall a handful of issues when people tried to modify a row using the On Submit actions after a row was added.


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