On Submit > Set Column is not functioning

On Submit > Set Column is not setting anything I ask it to including today’s date/time or user’s name

I have seen quite a few problems with set columns in a form environment, but sounds like in your case, if you’re actually using a form, you can point the current date/time special value and user’s name (through user profiles) to the right destination right in the form instead of using a set column action.

I had the same issue few days ago.

I’m not using a form. On Submit is for editing an item. I need to record who edited an item and at what time when they submit the change.

I believe you can still write those values in an edit environment.

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I have this as well, and what is weird, the new data section on the left pane sometimes thinks it’s changed, sometimes doesn’t.

I also tested this on an actual phone and it’s the same behaviour: the phone thinks it’s changed, but when I check the sheet and I quit the app and restart it’s back again.

I also created a New basic number column from with the editor, named it Ready-2, and added an action to Increment by 1. It did nothing, as if it can’T even access the cell.

Same issue here. Random request, could you share the graphic with the arrow pointing to the pencil icon?

Hey, this is the top image I use for complete profile with the arrow… I can’t share the rest underneath as we license it. Hope this helps:


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Try using a lower case ‘true’ in your set columns action.

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Well, Increment doesn’t work either. And that’s even a different type of action. I think this has to do with actions triggered after form edit.

Update: tried, lowercase doesn’t work either.