Set columns values in Actions

Classical Sheet, a couple of columns, nothing fancy…

When i’m editing an item (row), i use a button to change some values.!
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I also play a sound, show a notification and “go back” twice, everything is working fine… except the values. :confused:

I’ve tried multiple things: change order, only change values (only action)… nothing works.

Is this a bug? Am I missing something?
Thank You

So this is an edit screen right? I think you can try passing “Current date/time” as a special value in the edit screen as opposed to an “on submit action” like this. Tell me if it works.

Within an edit screen, you’re using a button with set column action?

yes, can we?

I’ve got other actions too…

Set a column to TRUE and writing the Name of the user…

Nothing works :confused:

Oh! it seems to work on the item page but not on the edit page…
I don’t know why it works this way but I can live with that.

Thank You very much guys!

It will work in the edit screen, but only during that temporary session. If you don’t submit the edit screen, it won’t save the set column value.


I see!!
Weird that the other actions works though.

Thank You very much!!


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