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Fellow Gliders a quick question about setting values action. @Robert_Petitto I am moving the time calculations from the Google Sheet into the Glide data editor per your recent tutorial. I need to get the start, end & hours worked values back into the sheet. I thought that you could use the Set Columns to populate the sheet with the data calculated in the editor. Have I misunderstood what the purpose of Set Columns is meant for? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Cheers

Are you trying to create new rows? Then you would need the Add Row action. Set Columns is for updating an existing row.

Hi @Jeff_Hager I am trying to add the value to the row I am writing with the form submission. The hours are calculated in the glide sheet editor, I want to write those as a value to the sheet when the form is submitted. I thought that was a possible action with the set columns.

You can with Set Columns, but it happens off of an action. You’d need a button press or the like to make it happen.


You may be better off creating your own form with a detail screen and user specific columns. Then you can add a button with an action to write the row to the sheet along with any calculated columns that are calculated from the user specific columns.

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Hi @Jeff_Hager & @George_B I have created a form & using the “Screen column” values attempting to write the hours worked back to the sheet. I have made a small video showing the results which seem to indicate a bug.
In the data editor the shift time worked is calculated correctly, but it is written to the sheet as what appears to be an arbitrary value which remains constant no matter the shift entered. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? If you think KI need to open a ticket I will do so. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Brad

A form is not able to perform math calculations within the form, because at that point, nothing has been written to the sheet until you click on submit. So there are no values to calculate the number of hours. In your case, it appears the calculated hours are coming from the first existing row in the sheet and that is the value that is being passed through the form to the Hours column. You don’t appear to have any filters set on your tab, so it defaults bro the first row.

Instead, I would create user specific columns in your sheet to temporarily hold the start and end times. Create a math column to calculate the temporary hours. Then create entry components to fill those start and end shift columns directly on the tab. Once the values are filled in, then you would set your button to directly add the row along with the calculated hours through the add Row action. This is what I meant by creating your own form.


Thanks Jeff_Hager I’ll give this a go. I appreciate the help. :+1:

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Jeff_Hager thanks for the tip. It is working as expected! I would like to clear the values in the app entry screen on submit. Do you know if that is possible? Cheers

Sure, you can do this in the compound action. So first you would have an Add Row action to add the row followed by a Set Column action to clear all of the user specific columns.


Hi @Jeff_Hager its all working perfectly. Thanks a million for your help. The glide community is amazing. Cheers


Can I ask you on how to set column works.
For example,
my row got quotation number, model, status etc.
I want to edit quotation 1001 which the status is “Open”.
When I edit, the row was added and how to make the first row status become “Superseded” status.
It is because i notice when set column, “this row” means the new row we edit.